Organic Spotify Playlisting

Organic Spotify Playlisting


Our company does not pay playlists to acquire placements. We do pay curators a small fee so that they listen to the client’s track. We repeat this process until the total reach for the campaign has been secured. This means that the client will always get at least 100% of the reach that they pay for. This is done entirely, 100%, through pitching and therefore this complies with all the terms and conditions of Spotify itself. All of the playlists we work with are real and created organically. 


Placements are usually found within 3 days once your order has been processed. Spotify orders are processed automatically, thus the pitching process starts when we receive the order. Please beware that once you submit an order it is difficult to change the track as the pitching process may already have begun.


We try to find placements for your campaign as soon as possible, though it can take a longer period of time depending on the campaign size as follows:


25,000    = 5-7 days
50,000    = 6-8 days
75,000    = 6-10 days
100,000  = 7-14 days
150,000  = 9-16 days
300,000 = 10-20 days
400,000 = 12-24 days
500,000 = 14-28 days


Unfortunately, we can’t deliver geographic targeting.

However, we attach value to the following criteria:

– Genre relevant lists for your track.
– Active and organically grown playlists which result in a good number of streams.
– Top 50 slots, so your track will be within the first place up to the 50th place.
– 1-month duration in lists, if you notice that it gets removed earlier, contact us